A fridge magnet in the shape of Africa, lying on rock

The Location

I live in Johannesburg, South Africa (that country right at the bottom of the African continent!). Only very occasionally are there wild animals in the streets!

The Clan

The man of the clan (who is the reason I believe that true love can, and does, exist), plus First Born and Second Born…all precious.

Meg Chronis's Yorkies

The Pack

Yorkie boys, Geronimo and Gizmo. My super-cute work buddies, happy to stay curled up next to my desk in their dog beds all day, while ‘de mama’ types away at her mysterious black clicky-clicky thing.

The Hobby

I play the violin. Sometimes well. Sometimes not. Always with my whole heart in it. I love listening to other musicians who make what I do sound laughable. Seriously, solo violinists are the closest thing to gods we have walking this earth. Have you ever seen someone like Itzhak Perlman or Ray Chen or Hilary Hahn play? Engage god mode!

A violin
MotoGP racing showing on a tablet, set beside a laptop

The Obsession

I’m mad about MotoGP…the premier class of motorbike racing, where they race the fastest motorbikes on the planet. I love it! I own racer merch, can use words like “hole-shot device” and “power mapping” in a sentences, and I drool over super-bikes parked outside the supermarket. But other than the little Yamaha Jog 50cc I used to ride to high school on, I have never actually ridden on a motorbike before.